Re-View: Amazed at Grace

Are you still amazed at Grace? That was the question we were asked at the Staff meeting this week.

It’s a good question because often, through years of familiarity with the term, we can lose the wonder of just how extraordinary God’s unconditional love to us in Christ is.

Grace is not so much what we say before we eat our food as how we live everyday in response to the knowledge that the God of the universe has made us his own.

Grace makes clear that God will never give us up and will never let us go. So grace is the position in which we stand, sit, work, worship, watch TV, play sport, love our families, manage our finances and carry on our lives.

Grace is the security and rock solid guarantee that all is well. Not that grace makes life easy, it doesn’t ! It actually makes life more challenging because those who know the meaning of grace are called to live it out in their attitudes, actions, responses and behaviour.

So here’s to amazing grace ! You’ll see it and hear it in the lives of the 9 being baptized this evening. It will be at work in the 104 young people and their leaders away this weekend in West Wales. Extravagant, outrageous, over the top generosity to people like us ! Lord, may I always be amazed at the wonder of your grace.

Peter Baker

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