Network PLUS

Network will also include one special seminar day (date to be confirmed) and access to Network PLUS.  This group is based on 2 Timothy 2:15.  It is a 30 week programme for learning to teach the Bible.  This will be held for one hour after the Network programme between 1pm and 2pm.

It is designed for those wishing to:

  • develop skill for their personal Bible study
  • lead small group studies
  • preach
Dates for 2018-2019

Semester 1
25th September – 4th December 2018
(Half Term 30th October 2018) 

Semester 2
22nd January – 2nd April 2019  
(Half Term 26th February 2019) 

Semester 3
23rd April – 2nd July 2019  
(Half Term 28th May 2019)

Application Form

An application form is available for download (click link to download):

or on request from the church office

Completed applications should be submitted by 19th September 2018


Network costs £300 for the year (£375 if also taking Network PLUS). This cost covers all teaching materials.  This is payable as a one-off, every semester or monthly.

For more information contact Network Course Co-ordinator Michael Teutsch:

Course Details

[Please note: this page is awaiting a further update as some details have changed]

Semester 1

  • Engaging with Scripture (10 weeks) 
    Overview from Genesis to David
  • Engaging with a New Heart (6 weeks)
  • Engaging with Reading the Bible (4 weeks)
  • Engaging with Proverbs (4 weeks)
  • Engaging with Local Church ministry (5 weeks)

Semester 2

  • Engaging with Scripture (4 weeks) 
    Overview of Wisdom to Malachi
  • Engaging with Islam (4 weeks)
  • Engaging with a Changed life (9 weeks)
  • Engaging with Local Church ministry (5 weeks)
  • Engaging with the New Testament (5 weeks)
  • Breakout Seminar

Semester 3

  • Engaging with the Basic Doctrines (10 weeks)
  • Engaging with Leadership (9 weeks)
  • Engaging with Apologetics (5 weeks)
  • Engaging with Outreach (5 weeks)

Grasping God's Word

  • Will run concurrent with the three Semesters
  • Will include small group work


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