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2007 - 2008

1st Term

 2nd Term

3rd Term

Welcome Week

September 19-21st

Sri Lankan Night

January 18th

Slovakian Night

April 18th


Chinese Night

September 28th

Barn Dance

January 21st  

Barn Dance

April 28th




Trip to the Cotswolds

October 13th

Souvenir Night

February 1st  

Spanish Night

May 23rd




Conker Championship

October 15th

East Asian Night

February 15th  

Karaoke Night

May 30th




Zimbabwe Night

October 26th

Trip to Bath

February 23rd  

Badminton & Table Tennis Night

June 9th




Fireworks at Caerphilly Castle

November 3rd

Welsh Night

February 29th

Trip to the Waterfalls

June 21st




Football Competition

November 5th

Trip to St Fagans

March 1st

Pakistani Night 2008

June 27th




Tour of Cardiff

November 10th

Golf Championship

March 10th

Sports Day & BBQ

June 28th




Weekend Away

November 16th - 18th

Easter Special

March 14th

Basketball Championship

July 7th




Scottish Night

November 30th


Weekend Away at Minehead

July 11th - 13th




Christmas Special

December 7th


French Night

July 18th




Ice Skating

December 12th