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2008 - 2009 

1st Term

 2nd Term

3rd Term

Polish Night

October 3rd

East Asian Night

January 30th

English Night

April 24th


Conker Championship

October 6th

Souvenir & Song Night

February 6th

National Costume Nigh (no photos)

April 8th




Trip to Llancaiach Fawr

October 11th

Hockey Championship

February 9th

Picnic at Cefn Onn Park (no photos)

April 10th




National Costume Night

October 17th

Presentation: A visit to Kenya

February 20th

Board Games Night (no photos)

April 15th




Winter Olympics

October 31st

Welsh Night

February 27th

Wii Championship 18th

April 18th




Tour of Cardiff

November 1st

Trip to St Fagans

February 28th

Presentation: A visit to Thailand

April 22nd




Fireworks at Caerphilly Castle

November 1st

Malaysian Night (no photos)

March 13th

Music Night

April 29th




Quiz Night

November 14th

Trip to Bristol & Wells (no photos)

March 14th

International Evening on Logos Hope

April 30th




Indonesian Night

November 21st

Christian Songs: A History (no photos)

March 20th

Basketball Championship

June 1st




Weekend Away in Broad Haven

November 28th - 30th

Easter Special (no photos)

March 27th

Trip to Swansea

June 6th




Christmas Special

December 5th


Filipino Night

June 12th






Presentation: A visit to South America

June 19th






Wimbledon Night

June 26th






Sports Day, Rowing on the Lake & BBQ (no photos)

June 27th






Badminton & Table Tennis Championship

July 6th






Weekend Away

July 10th - 12th






French Night (No photos)

July 17th