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2010 - 2011 

1st Term

 2nd Term

3rd Term


East Asian Night

February 4th

Slovakian Night
May 13th



Korean Night

February 18th

Golf Championship
May 23rd





Trip to St Fagans

February 26th

Games Night
May 27th





Welsh Night

March 4th

Pakistan Night
June 10th





Hockey Championship

March 21st

Woodcroft Weekend Away
June 17th-19th





Trip to the Cotswolds
March 26th

Wimbledon Night
July 1st





Japanese Night
April 1st

Sports Day & BBQ
July 2nd






Trip to Swansea
July 9th






Badminton & Table Tennis Championship
July 11th






Talent Show
July 15th






Summer Special
July 22nd