Highfields at Home

As we work with social distancing requirements, many will find themselves at home. We suggest you can use this time as an opportunity in different ways.

Use the time grow personally

Many us of may have extended time at home over the coming weeks. We would encourage you to use the time partly to grow in your life with God. Perhaps join in the Coronavirus 31-15 Prayer Diary, or read a good book, or listen to a good series of sermons or other matters. We have started a list of useful resources for you here:

Use your time to connect:

Many of us will feel lonely during this extended period of social distancing. Especially those who are bit older and in the vulnerable groups with the Covid-19 virus. Modern technology enables us to connect in new ways - for example using Zoom.  If you are not yet in a small group and would like to join one, please email Elspeth Pitt via:

We would encourage you to connect with your neighbours and those in the church community. We recommend calling them once a week if possible. If you would like suggestions of who to contact, please email

Use your time to serve others in love:

Our current situation gives many opportunities to serve those around us. We encourage you to contact your neighbours to see if they have any particular concerns.

In addition do contact our Drop off shopping group to help others. For further details email .

Plan your time with the April-July 2022 Highfields Term Card

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