Following Jesus

Studies in Mark 9-16

Following JesusAt Highfields Church, we're committed to spreading a passion for Jesus. But who was Jesus? And why would people want to spread a passion for him?!  This term we have the wonderful privilege of continuing our study of the gospel of Mark, as we continue to take a deep and thought-provoking look at the life of Jesus. 

Mark claims he's the Messiah (the long awaited saviour-king) and the Son of God (the world's true Lord), and his account witnesses both religious insiders (like Peter in Mark 8:29) and Roman outsiders (like the Centurion in Mark 15:39) being convinced. The gospel of Mark is often read at the start of someone's journey of faith—certainly many within Highfields church came to follow Jesus through reading these famous words—but don't ever write Mark off as 'just for beginners'.

We're convinced that there's something here for both young and old, newcomers to Christianity and seasoned pros. Join us this term in our studies in Mark as we follow Jesus. They might just change your life. You might even find yourself wanting to spread a passion for him too.

Do join us on Sunday mornings as we look at the life of Jesus.

Upcoming services in this series:

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The most important thing 15 Mar - Morning Service - 09:30am - Dave Gobbett - Mark 12:28-44 Morning Worship
The most important thing 15 Mar - Morning Service - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - Mark 12:28-44 Baptismal Service, Morning Worship
The end of the world is nigh 22 Mar - Online Morning Service - 10:30am - Dave Gobbett - Mark 13:1-37 Morning Worship
Devoted! 29 Mar - Online Morning Service - 10:30am - Dave Gobbett - Mark 14:1-25 Morning Worship

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Series Catch-up

Following JesusCatch up and listen to what you missed. Audio is normally available 1 day after the service.

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Book Review

King's Cross by Tim Keller

kings crossThis book is an extended meditation on the Gospel of Mark. It shows us that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the central events of cosmic and human history, as well as the central organising principles of the world.

King's Cross is ideal for both followers and would-be followers of Christ - both thought-provoking and heart-stirring in equal measure.

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