High Five

There are some things about being a Christian that even a good sermon can't tell you. So we've trawled the nation (and occasionally, our own church!) to bring you tips on living as a Christian from people who've been there and done it. In the High Five series, the pearls of wisdom come in batches of 5 - hence the name - covering lots of practical topics. So choose a video from the list, sit back and, who knows, it could change your life!
Grow as a Christian
High Five: Five Ways To Grow As A Christian.
New Atheists
High Five: 5 Flaws in the Thinking of the New Atheists.
Jesus Rose from the Dead
High Five: 5 reasons why you can believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
Consider Jesus of Nazareth
High Five: Five reasons why you should consider Jesus of Nazareth

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