Registering for Toddler Music

Structured Music Sessions for 5's and under and their Carers.

Termly Registration  

We have an online sign-up for the 2019 Autumn Term to try and make it easier for parents and carers to get a place for their child/ children, and still make it as fair as possible!

Tots Music sessions are on Monday mornings term-time at 9.30am and 10.40am, with refreshments and free play in between. Families with pre-school age children are welcome, whether you have been before or not! You will have opportunity to ‘book’ the number of child spaces you require for either session, or for the waiting list if the sessions are full.

You can access the booking website to register for places (and find out all the information on how to do it) as below. Registration for all places opens on Monday 8th July 2019 at 9pm

Sign-up is first come first served and there is limited availability in each session- it is likely that spaces will fill up very shortly after they are released at 9pm. If you are unable to get online at the right time, or need help, anyone can sign up for you! If you are signing up more than one family group (i.e. for a friend), you will need to do them separately. You'll just need your email address to sign up. All other details, and a voluntary donation of £15 per family, can be completed on the first week back.

Arrangements for our Tots Music Groups for this coming term are:

  • Monday Classes will run weekly commencing after Monday 9th September
  • Term dates: 9th September - 21st October and then 4th November - 9th December.
  • There will be no Toddler Music Session during Half Term
  • NEW start times: First session - 9:30 - 10:05; Second session - 10:40 - 11.15
  • Refreshments/free play - 10:10 - 10:35
  • Suggested donation: £15 per term
  • Facebook group: Please join the group 'Highfields Toddler Music' to keep up to date with important news, reminders and other information!

Queries: Do message the Facebook group or .

Have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you in September!


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Further Information

Each of your children requires a ticket:
Please let us know how many children you will be bringing by booking them each a ticket. Eg. If you would like spaces for 2 children, please book '2 tickets' on this form for your desired time session. Adults do not need a 'ticket'. You can book a maximum of 4 tickets (ie 4 children) on each registration form. If you need more space, please do another booking. At the first session of the term we will require you to complete/ sign a paper form to let us know the child's/ children's details.

Babies under 3 months old:
If you have a baby aged 3 months old or younger who is coming with a sibling, you do not need to book them a ticket. Anyone aged 4 months or older when the term starts will need a ticket..

Booking for another parent/ carer:
If you would like to book on behalf of a friend (if they cannot access the internet at the neccessary moment for example!), you will need to do this on a separate booking to ensure fairness. Ie each parent/ carer will need to register under a different booking so that we know how many adults and children there will be in the group. You will need the email address of the adult you are booking on behalf of in order to process the registration.

Waiting Lists:
If the site is indicating that there are no places left in your chosen session, then there are two ticket types available as waiting lists, one for each session. Please register under these ticket types and we will be in touch re. the waiting list situation asap. We will do our very best to include everyone, but unfortunately cannot make any guarantees. Even if there isn't space at the beginning, one may become available later in the term.

If there is the situation where you would like for example 2 child spaces (ie '2 tickets') but there is only 1 available in your chosen session, please book that 1 ticket, and also 1 ticket on the waiting list for that session. If it is for a sibling, we will do our very best to make space for them.

There is a suggested donation of £15 per term per sibling group. If you would like / able to give this, there will donation pots in the sessions in the first few weeks to put it in, or pass to a leader. However there is absolutely no mandatory payment and we'd love to see you, whether you are able to pay or not!

Facebook Group:
Please join the Facebook group! 'Highfields Tots Music' to stay in the loop!