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The Parables of Jesus in Luke's Gospel

The Parables of Jesus in Luke's GospelJesus told parables to help his audience imagine a reality other than the one that they took to be normative and to respond to it by having a change of heart and seeking a closer relationship with God. That reality is the Kingdom of Heaven. As children perhaps our early lessons on the parables led us to think of them as little morality stories, the lesson of which is "be good and you will be rewarded." Now it is time for us to hear the good news of the parables, the message of God's extravagant grace.

We are invited into the topsy turvy reality of the kingdom in which those who serve and are treated as lowly or shameful or insignificant by the world are blessed and valued by God. We are shown a world in which the categories of neighbour and enemy or family member and outcast become meaningless, a world in which it is possible to imitate God and share abundance rather than hoard what the world deems valuable. 

Phil Jenkins

Final two services in this series:

Start Date Title Location
Jul 20, 2014 10:00 AM The Final Warning Highfields Pontprennau
Jul 20, 2014 10:30 AM Questions and Answers Highfields Cathays

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Preparing for God

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