Greek scholars will recognise the word. The rest of us just say “fellowship“!

Peter Baker | 20:05, Wednesday 15 February 2012

Originally, like so many New Testament concepts, the word was used in commercial settings to describe a business partnership. Paul baptised the idea and applied it to the relationships between Christians and Churches. 

We are partners in a cause, united by a truth, bound to a shared experience of God's grace and love. The good news of Jesus makes unlikely people friends. 

Apparently several people had wanted to put Sam Ko and Peter Baker into the same room to see what would happen! 

I first met Sam Ko a month ago in one of those 'God–incidences'. He was, as Chairman of the Board of WEST (the theological college in Bridgend), at a meeting which was exploring the potential of Highfields and WEST, the local Church and the Academy, to develop a vocational training programme which would more effectively equip people for Christian work in the UK. 

And the more excited I got, the more Sam smiled! Apparently several people had wanted to put Sam Ko and Peter Baker into the same room to see what would happen! 

Sam whose background is in business, is on the Staff of SaRang Community Church in Seoul. The Church there had already invested heavily in the Bible College because for Koreans, the second largest Missionary sending nation on earth, Wales is the land of their spiritual Father. 

Welshman, Robert Jermain Thomas died on Korean soil in 1866, sharing the Christian faith. And ever since people like Sam  and his mega Church of 60,000 members, have expressed their gratitude to Wales. 

In discussion together Sam was able to identify in Highfields one potential Welsh Church whose vision and heart for the gospel mirrored his own. 

Very quickly the Koinonia grew. That's why Sam will be preaching with us on Sunday evening February 26th. He is bringing with him, to meet the Elders of Highfields, a group of Koreans from SaRang. They are in town that weekend for a special Dedication of the SaRang Thomas Centre at WEST.   

Together the Leaderships of the two Churches will explore what a gospel partnership might look like.  It may prove to be a very significant meeting of hearts and minds.   

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