The Promise

One Christmas I desperately wanted the deluxe version of the electric racing car game, Scalextric.

Peter Baker | 20:58, Monday, 06 December 2010

Back in the 60's, it was every small boy's dream! So I asked my parents, and they promised to do their best. But come the big day, under the tree was a much cheaper equivalent - Trick Track!! 

I'd never even heard of it, and frankly, it was rubbish compared to the real thing! 

Now that may not seem a big deal, but to a six year old boy on Christmas morning, it was huge. So huge in fact, that when the boy was about 34 he bought himself a Scalextric set one Christmas and pretended it was for his daughters!

Being human, I guess I've made a few promises in my life which I haven't kept. 

But here's the good news, unlike my Scalextric set, when God makes a promise he always delivers on it! And the coming of Jesus is God’s greatest Promise.

God made promises about Jesus in much the same way that a film distributor trails a blockbuster movie in the media prior to its showing in cinemas nationwide. These divine press releases, spread over the centuries, trailed where the Messiah would be born, what he would teach, even the manner of his death. 

That approach makes a lot of sense. For if God had not pre-announced the outline details of Jesus' character and the plot line of his life, there would be nothing to prevent any impostor from appearing in history and saying, "I'm the promised one." We would have only his word for it, and he could be wrong! 

If a visitor to the UK said he was a diplomat, the government would ask him for his passport and other documents testifying that he represented a certain government. If such proofs of identity are asked of delegates from other countries, it’s reasonable to expect the same from messengers who claim to have come from God. 

Paul Gustav Dore, the 19th Century French artist and illustrator, found himself at a border crossing without his passport. "I'm Paul Dore the artist," he told the border guard. "Prove it," was the brutal response. At which point Dore grabbed a scrap of paper and a pencil and within seconds he sketched the most brilliant drawing. "Will this do?" The guard had no further questions! 

God promised that the Messiah would uniquely reveal truth, heal, die and rise again. And when Jesus walked on earth that’s exactly what happened. His credentials, like Dore the artist, were verified.

If, in Christ, God has made good on His promise, we are left with a challenge - will we listen to what God says to us in Jesus?

"In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son." (Hebrews 1:1-2)

Jesus is God’s best and final word – listen to Him!

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