Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2011...
...I wanted to live deliberately...
Almost overnight the temperature started to drop
How to make a real difference
We live in an age of Celebrity where people can be famous simply for being famous.
On words....
So I've been thinking a bit about words. Actually I've been thinking a lot about words.
One of a Kind
I wonder how many Latin phrases you have used today without even realising.
1 in 7 Billion…
I’ve just discovered that I am actually the 79,779,692,271st person to have existed on planet earth.
Practising and Preaching
I've had one of those weeks. You know, one of those weeks where all things seem to conspire to tell you how bad you are at everything.
The Naked Pastor
I always feel a little sorry for the Emperor – why doesn't anyone tell him he's got no clothes!
On March 8 1971, on a night that would arguably be remembered as the pinnacle of his career, Joe Frazier beat Muhammed Ali by unanimous decision at Madison Square Gardens and defended his title as heavyweight champion of the world.
Reflections on Remembrance Sunday
I doubt whether those who signed the Armistice in 1918, in a railway carriage in a French forest, could possibly have imagined the development of such a significant annual and global act of remembrance.
On Coffee....
In the move to Torino, there are some things that have taken some adjusting to. The coffee isn’t one of them.
Prayer - The Great Omission
Something stirred in me this week while preparing Sunday morning’s message from 1 Thessalonians 5, with its urgent call in verse 17 to “pray continually”.
Far from a monologue...
We wrapped up our sermon series in Philippians this last Sunday with the last verses of the epistle.
Living with Loss
The journey from grief to something better
Love Thy Neighbour
Mahabba – that’s Arabic for “love”.
Christmas at Highfields and the QR code
No, this is not a new book by Dan Brown purporting to undermine the source material of Christian faith, but a clever piece of communications technology!
Move over JK Rowling!
We are blessed with huge talent among the staff with a number serving not just Highfields but the wider UK Church in different ways.
The Cardiff Christmas Story
You’d be amazed who we’ve got in the Highfields congregation. Herod, two Marys, a Shepherd, a Wise Man, and Gabriel’s hands are all in our midst!
People with white faces
There’s a guy who stands on the corner of Piazza Statuto and plays a saxophone.
1 Month To Go – Pontprennau Progress
December is here, the Christmas decorations are up and the plans for the January launch of Highfields Pontprennau are advancing at pace!
Sport, Success & Sadness
It's difficult to put into words the depth of shock and grief felt in many homes across the UK last Sunday morning as it was announced that Gary Speed, the manager of the Welsh football team, had been found dead at his house. He had taken his own life at the age of 42.

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