Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2013...
Anger and Love
Reflections of an (occasionally) inattentive Bible-reader...
Serving without Sinking
If you are feeling worn out, frustrated or bitter about ministry, take some time to read this and re-think your service in light of the gospel. It’s joy not duty which is the great fuel for service and we find it in Jesus, the one who serves us.
Santa - Ho, Ho, Ho or No, No, No?
As Christmas gets ever closer the one question I continually get asked as the family worker is: "Should Santa play a part in a Christian family's Christmas?"
Change by degrees
On language, ministry and God's way of working...
When were you last in prison?
Not a question I get asked every day! But I was asked it last week when I visited Cardiff prison with Gillian Pegler one of our members who works in the prison with Time for Change ministry.
Backwards and forwards
or, Christmas reflections from a nostalgic old bloke.
Nativity, Historicity and Atheistic Simplification
Over the years, I grew to respect Christopher Hitchens, and was very much affected when he died.

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