Gospel thinking for gospel living

Studies in Titus

Gospel thinking for gospel livingDuring June and July on Sunday evenings we will be looking at the Letter to Titus.

The letter to Titus is a letter from Paul to a young pastor, urging him to lead his people deeper into the gospel. Paul is concerned about the corrupting influence of false teachers in Crete, and this concern frames the letter. He shows that the gospel presents a fundamentally different approach toward God than the false teachers do, one based on hope in God's grace and not on human accomplishments. Grace produces an entirely different kind of fruit in the lives of believers.. 

Do join us for this summer series or catch-up online via our video, audio media section.

Upcoming services in this series:

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Gospel thinking for gospel living 26 Jun - Evening Service - 6:30pm - Jon Reeves - Titus 2:1-10 In-Person, Evening Worship, Communion, Live Stream
Gospel thinking for gospel living 10 Jul - Evening Service - 6:30pm - Ben Gardner - Titus 2:11-15 In-Person, Evening Worship, Live Stream
Gospel thinking for gospel living 17 Jul - Evening Service - 6:30pm - Michael Teutsch - Titus 3:1-15 In-Person, Evening Worship, Communion, Live Stream

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Service Catch-up

Gospel thinking for gospel livingCatch up and listen to what you missed. Audio is normally available a few hours after the service.

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Assurance in uncertain times

Encountering JesusDuring summer 2022 we will be working through the 1st letter of John. This is a letter written in the first-century to a group of people living in uncertain times.

Given the current climate we find ourselves in it becomes a relevant and fresh voice for us. Through the Letter of 1 John, any lack of assurance we may have is overcome by the love God has for us, and in turn, our love for others.

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Small Group Study

Rev Dave Gobbett"The Christian life is a series of important connection points to God.

One of them at Highfields is involvement in a small study group. I hope you can connect with us that way."

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