How grace changes lives

Studies in 1 Corinthians 1-7

How grace changes lives'How grace changes lives' is a major series of Sunday morning services, exploring how grace looks in the heart of every Christian. The series will guide us through the first seven chapters of 1 Corinthians, showing how Paul's encouragements and challenges to that church are to shape us as Christians today, both individually and as members of a local church.

Dave Gobbett

Final service in this series before Christmas:

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Cross-shaped sexuality 28 Nov - Morning Service - 11:00am - Dave Gobbett - 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 In-Person, Live Stream, Communion, Morning Worship

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How grace changes livesCatch up and watch or listen to what you missed. Whole service video is normally be available immediately after the live stream has finished. Sermon audio and podcast audio is normally available within half an hour of the service finishing.

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Who is there like you?

Encountering JesusDo join us on Sunday evenings in October and November for a series of evening services looking at the attributes of God.

We live in days of constant change. The bewildering about turns can leave us confused in life and hope. This series is rediscovering the unchanging God who gives us life, answers to our world and unshakable hope for tomorrow.

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Small Group Study

Rev Dave Gobbett"The Christian life is a series of important connection points to God.

One of them at Highfields is involvement in a small study group. I hope you can connect with us that way."

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