Highfields Book

On Sunday 17th January at 7:30pm the book covering the first 35 years of Highfields Church Cardiff was launched.
Highfields Book

The Story of Highfields

The story of Highfields, the first 35 Years Open in new window

Edited by John Emyr, this book is a testimony of God's faithfulness and His ministry in Highfields.

You can obtain a copy of this book from BOOKS Plus Cardiff Open in new window. All donations for this book will go to the Highfields Church Mission Fund.

The History of Highfields is truly an amazing story of God’s faithfulness, evidenced by spiritual and numerical growth, in a work which at its inception was never envisaged or planned. We were simply led by God from one step to the next. As the buildings were refurbished and developed, so we grew to fill them!
Tony Cort

It’s a story that continues for a new generation and is finding new expressions of the same commitment to a gospel of grace and truth. I pray often for the ongoing spiritual health of these new chapters. Our privilege has been to be part of the earlier chapters, to serve with many others in shaping that original vision and to stand back now in amazement at how God was remarkably at work through his Word and His Spirit.
Rev. Peter Baker

The story of Highfields is a story of God’s constant faithfulness and grace, through highs, lows, and surprises along the way. ‘We praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that’s to come.' I warmly commend this collection of memories to you. ‘Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your Name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness’ (Ps. 115:1)
Rev. Dave Gobbett

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The Story of Highfields

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