Changes and rests

Thoughts from the eye of a storm...

Huw Williams | 23:37, Friday 06 June 2014 | Turin, Italy

... and I write this in the lull between two busy weeks. It was a good week in the European Leadership Forum last week for many reasons. I was encouraged to help teach the participants on the Bible Teachers and Preachers network, and to see their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. I was blessed to listen to other people preach God's word, and to be in the "congregation" for a change. I was stretched and stimulated by seminars on a whole range of topics.

Some changes are as good as rests, perhaps.

This weekend we're looking forward to welcoming friends to Torino and to the church, there will also be some goodbyes to old friends moving on to pastures new. We're as used to it as we will ever be I suppose, but the church here is in a constant state of flux, people come with such regularity that it is exciting to think who might turn up this Sunday, but then others have to leave - their stint in Torino over and time to move to another city.

And now as I reflect on a day off and brace myself for the week ahead, I find that though I am tired, I have also been invigorated by the last week. Some changes are as good as rests, perhaps. Others not so much.

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