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Naturalism: Glimpse a World Without God

Evening Service 19th July at 6:30pm - Dr Gary Habermas

During our Sunday Evening Facethebook service Dr Gary Habermas helped us understand the philosophy of naturalism and to see that it isn't viable.


Audio: Highfields Sermons
Catch up on Highfields sermons you missed, you want to listen again to, or you just want to share.
Audio: Motto Sunday Sermons
From recent years
Video: Engaging with Christ
Talk that Paul Mallard at the 'Engage: Building God's Community' Day Away
Video: Jamie Rasmussen interviews Dave Gobbett
Dave Gobbett was interviewed at Scottsdale Bible Church on Sunday 1st March and shared the huge needs we have for the gospel in Wales.
Audio: Christmas Celebration BBC Radio Wales
A Christmas Day service from Highfields Church, Cathays, Cardiff, led by the Rev Dave Gobbett.
Video: A stunning Christmas carol
Guest performance at 'Carols by Candlelight' at Highfields Church, Cardiff on 21st December 2014.
Video: Scottsdale & Highfields: a transatlantic church partnership
Jamie Rasmussen, pastor from Scottsdale Bible Church in Phoenix, Arizona spent a weekend at Highfields, helping to strengthen a growing partnership between the two churches. In this video, filmed during the Cardiff visit, people from both churches explain why they are keen to help and serve each other in gospel partnership.
Video: Antenatal Classes - Pontprennau
Prepare yourself for your journey into parenthood. Highfields Pontprennau is holding free antenatal classes run by Rachel Lanckham, a former midwife from Cardiff. You will find a safe environment with a friendly atmosphere where you can feel comfortable to ask and learn, and meet other parents-to-be in your community.
Video: Student Promotional Video
Student in Cardiff? Looking for a church, or want to find out more about Christianity? Highfields Church is here to help, with a brilliant programme of events for university students.
Video: Dave Gobbett's Induction - March 2014
Saturday 29th March. It's the day that Dave Gobbett becomes our new lead pastor: A video looking forward to the day and a video with highlights from the service capturing the flavour of a very happy and important day for our church.
Video: Pontprennau - Celebrating the first two years
Key staff and volunteers reflect on the first two years of Highfields Church's congregation in the Cardiff suburb of Pontprennau.
Video: Introducing Highfields Church
Highfields Church has been serving the capital of Wales, Cardiff and further afield since 1986. Here's a little taster of who we are and what we think is important.
Video: Internationals Weekend Away 2013
Highfields Church Internationals Weekend Away
Video: Soccer School 2013 Pontprennau
Another great football camp at Corpus Christi High School in Pontprennau
Video: Student Weekend Away 2013
Highfields Church Student Weekend
Video: Peter Baker Leaves Wales
In his final month at Highfields, before leaving to pastor a church in Bournemouth, England, Peter agreed to be interviewed by award-winning BBC journalist Roy Jenkins about his role in leading Highfields, the priorities of his ministry, the trials and rewards of pastoring a growing congregation and the painful decision to move on.
Video: Lindsay Brown in conversation
At the end of 2012, Lindsay Brown came back to Cardiff to spend 3 months at Highfields covering the sabbatical of Associate Pastor Phil Jenkins. In December, the two men met up to reflect on Lindsay's time at Highfields and get his insights on the way forward.
Video: Holiday Club 2012
Highfields Church Holiday Club is an action-packed, adrenaline pumping club that will run during the final week of the summer holidays for all those aged 4-11, with something for everyone.
Video: High Five
There are some things about being a Christian that even a good sermon can't tell you. So we've trawled the nation (and occasionally, our own church!) to bring you tips on living as a Christian from people who've been there and done it. In the High Five series, the pearls of wisdom come in batches of 5 - hence the name - covering lots of practical topics. So choose a video from the list, sit back and, who knows, it could change your life!
Video: Take a Step for Fairtrade
Millions of people in developing countries depend on farming. But they are trapped in poverty by the rules of world trade, keeping those at the start of supply chains powerless to earn enough to cover their costs and with nothing to save for their families.

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