Dalton Street Centre

Dalton Street Community Centre is just a short walk from Highfields Church’s building in Monthermer Road.

Dalton Street Luncheon ClubThe main activity which takes place is the Dalton Street Luncheon Club which provides lunches to our elderly in the community, three days a week, every week of the year except for Christmas.

The club has served over 1800 meals in the last twelve months, through an entirely volunteer workforce. It provides a valuable opportunity to show God's love to all involved. Most of the customers come for companionship, encouragement and entertainment, and for many it is a lifeline in the community providing essential contacts with others, with long standing relationships with volunteers and one another.

 Dalton Street Community Centre
 Dalton Street, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4HB

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Dalton Street Events

The arrangements for Dalton Street changed with the Covid 19 Pandemic. The Dalton Street Luncheon Club is not meeting at this time. Information about the club will be posted as soon as we have it.