Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2014...
Honest to God
Lessons from the Life of Samuel - A new sermon series for 2015
Just Do Something
A liberating approach to finding God's will.
International bookends
Eastern mysticism. Western rationality and logic.
Recovering Redemption
A gospel-saturated perspective on how to change
A different voice
What's your favourite TV programme? My family tease me that mine is the BBC News channel!
Forty-One Kids Hear the Good News of Jesus at Pontprennau
Last Saturday and Sunday, Highfields Pontprennau hosted a special half-term event for families in the Pontprennau area. Tim Wilson shares how it went.
Counterfeit gods
Keller illustrates how idols manifest in society and in our own lives.
Questioning the Bible - 11 major challenges to the Bible's authority
It’s the kind of book that any of us might want to read in order to form a realistic opinion on the reliability of the Bible
The Greatest Story Ever Told
... and its impact on Augustine, Luther, and Wesley.
Extreme Righteousness
Seeing ourselves in the Pharisees.
Czech This Out
Reflections on last month's youth missions trip to the Czech Republic.
Looking Back at Pontprennau Holiday Club
Last week, Pontprennau held its second annual holiday club. Tim Wilson writes to let you know how it went.
The God I don't understand
Wright’s helpful examination of some... key questions of faith only serves to increase the Christian’s confidence in the ultimate goodness and grace of God.
Meditations from the Psalms
One thing I used to like about the book of Psalms when I was a child was that you could always find it easily!
Studies in the Doctrine of Scripture
A new sermon series 'Taking God at His Word'
Personality and Polemic
Preparation for one of the Highfields Church Summer Seminars got me thinking ...
The view from above
Sometimes, we struggle to see ourselves as God sees us.
King's Cross - The Story of the World in the life of Jesus
Life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the central events of cosmic and human history.
Meet Tim: Pontprennau’s Latest Team Member
Pontprennau have recently welcomed Tim Wilson as a student trainee. In this post Tim tells us a little bit about himself and what his role will be at Pontprennau.
William Grimshaw of Hawarth
Reveals the Lord’s intimate dealings with someone who was so very ordinary and earthy yet became a mighty man of God in Yorkshire and beyond

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