The Passion of the Christ

Studies in John 18-21

The Passion of the ChristOn Sunday mornings during the first few months of 2024 we continued our studies in the gospel of John.  The theme of chapters 18-21 revolves around the culmination of Jesus' earthly ministry, including his arrest, trial, crucifixion, resurrection, and post-resurrection appearances.

Key themes include Jesus' obedience to the Father's will, his role as the sacrificial Lamb of God, the fulfilment of prophecy, the establishment of the new covenant, the victory over sin and death through his resurrection, and the commissioning of his disciples to continue his mission. These chapters also emphasize the nature of Jesus' kingship and his sovereignty over all things.

Do catch up on the recordings from this and the earlier series on chapters 13-17.

25 Feb - 'Arrested!' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - John 18:-14

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03 Mar - 'Denied!' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - John 18:15-27

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10 Mar - 'Convicted!' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - John:18-28-40

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29 Mar - 'Crucified!' - 10:15am - Michael Teutsch - John 19:28-42


31 Mar - 'Risen!' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - John 20:1-23

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31 Mar - 'Sceptic!' - 6:30pm - Jon Reeves - John 20:24-29


07 Apr - 'Breakfast!' - 11:15am - Michael Teutsch - John 21:1-14

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14 Apr - 'Restorer!' - 11:15am - Dave Gobbett - John 21:15-25

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Previous sermon series: Studies in John 13-16

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