Video: Resurrection Weekend

Gary Habermas is perhaps the leading scholar in the world on the subject of Our Lord’s Resurrection. He is uniquely equipped to engage with academics, clergy, laymen and agnostics/atheists. He visited Highfields Church 18th - 20th July 2015

Dealing With Emotional Doubt

During our Sunday Morning service Dr Gary Habermas helped us understand what Emotional Doubt is, and provided practical help in how to deal with it.

Naturalism: Glimpse a World Without God

During our Sunday Evening Facethebook service Dr Gary Habermas helped us understand the philosophy of naturalism and to see that it isn't viable.

Leaders Half-Day Conference

Dr. Gary Habermas, who is the Distinguished Research Professor at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke on the topics:

  • The current state of play with Resurrection Research
  • Working from a reliable historical timeline
  • Accounting for changes in contemporary scholarly attitudes, in the light of the latest academic insights
  • Effective antidotes to atheism and skepticism.


These three videos were recorded on 19th & 20th July at the Highfields Resurrection Weekend with Dr. Gary Habermas

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