On impending reunions...

Huw Williams | 20:39, Wednesday 10th June 2015 | Wisla, Poland

We're very excited to be visiting you all soon! And I am very excited about conducting another concert in Highfields on June 20th, my first conducting in four years. In fact the memento of my very last concert before leaving the UK for Italy hangs proudly on the wall of our apartment in Torino, as a daily reminder of the regular concerts the Highfields Orchestra used to give.

It's a strange feeling to be getting back in the saddle again after four years; I must confess to feeling something I haven't felt before a concert for a long time - nervous. But it's also very enjoyable to find myself turning the pages of these three familiar scores again, and reacquainting myself with the beautiful music of two of my favourite composers.

'Reacquainting' feels like the key word at the moment, as I look forward to seeing old Highfields friends once again, and also old musician friends again, too. I have spent much of this week in Poland at the European Leadership Forum, making new friends (as well as seeing some familiar faces from Highfields!) - it is a wonderful part of the job I've been doing in teaching here.

But there's a particular joy in anticipating the reunions and renewals of old friendships. It makes me wonder if that's no coincidence, since our God is passionate about restoring relationships. He sends His Son into the world to just that and bring us back to Himself and He sends His Spirit into our hearts so that we can cry, "Abba, Father" to Him. And many of us live with the anticipation of the renewal of relationships with loved ones no longer with us in the new creation. I can't help but see a gospel picture at work here - as we anticipate the experience the joy of renewed friendships, it should lift our eyes and hearts to see God's heart for the very same thing.

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