Lindsay and Ann Brown

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students


It is now our 45th year in student ministry, having worked in different capacities within IFES. Our current focus is on the FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of EuRope)  network which seeks to encourage the development of a network of 50-60 university evangelists across Europe, and to have at least one based in each European country who focus on communicating the gospel publicly in CU's across the continent. During 2016 this team was involved in speaking at university mission weeks, lasting 4-5 days, in about 180 universities in 35 countries. We hope to extend the work over the next few years to every country in Europe.

Please email us at  or phone : 07812 522645

How have we seen God at work over the last few years? 

Over the past 40 years it has been our privilege in IFES to see graduates from student ministry serving in many areas of society and in church leadership across the globe. In our current role our greatest joy is in seeing students, international and British, turning to Christ through these mission weeks. Our prayer is that ripples will go out from these mission weeks across the globe and impact Christian witness in years to come. We appreciate your prayers.

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