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Just Do Something
A liberating approach to finding God's will.
God's Big Picture
Tracing the storyline of the Bible
Church Weekend Away - Further Information
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Flying Home From Phoenix
Our trainee minsters Pete Evans and Jon Reeves are just back from a week spent at Scottsdale Bible Church in Arizona, the church with whom Highfields is hoping to partner in the coming year.
Compassion Ministries Sunday
Just a few minutes browsing a news channel will bring to our attention problems affecting our world both globally and nearer to home. How should we respond? Jon Reeves introduces some of the issues to get us thinking ...
The Magnificent Seven
The new academic year is always an exciting time - lots of new faces and new opportunities.
Meet the Team & Contact Info
We'd love to meet you in person obviously (!!) but here's how to contact us in the meantime:
A BIG welcome to all students
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