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Finding Joy, A radical rediscovery of grace
I heard Marcus Honeysett speaking at a conference in November and I realised he had a lot of wisdom to impart. But this book has just blown me away!
New Beginnings
First, can I wish you a very Happy New Year! It’s a time for new beginnings, especially for Highfields as this Sunday morning (8th January) we are holding our first public service in Pontprennau.
The Heart of the Matter
How’s your heart? Not that pump between your lungs which beats on average 72 times a minute, but that spiritual organ which integrates your thinking, feeling and responding.
Morning Prayer Meeting
There’s a prayer meeting we have at our apartment on the first Saturday of every month. It would be fair to say that it isn’t the most well-attended of our meetings, but it’s a relatively new venture, so it’s early days.
In Halls of Splendour
It's been good to have my Dad and Mum staying with us this week. One of the many blessings of visitors is that you get to go to places that you had in mind to visit someday.
Concerning Hobbits
If you know me well, you’ll be aware that I’m a bit of a Tolkien nut. I’m not one of those Tolkien nuts who is learning to speak Elvish, but in relative terms, I’m a big fan.
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Always Winter?
More snow yesterday and now it seems the big freeze has come.
Pathway to Jesus, Crossing the thresholds to faith
Originally titled “I Once Was Lost”, the re-branding of this book to a positive expression of a journey to faith cannot add to the already outstanding content.
What's in a Name?
"Christian" - a label that does us no good
On 'Eugene Onegin'...
So what’s been playing on my CD player recently?
Greek scholars will recognise the word. The rest of us just say “fellowship“!
Of chickens, Italian and a couple of turkeys...
Learning a new language can be a strange business.
Community Action
With the Big Weekend coming up soon, I thought I could reflect on the theological issues that are driving it
Stop Dating the Church, Fall in love with the Family of God
Joshua Harris’ main aim is to challenge the consumerist, self centred, critical attitude so many of us unconsciously, or even deliberately, carry into our local church, which sadly results in many believers (and pastors) giving up on a commitment to a local congregation.
Just walk across the room
Yesterday I took a little walk down our road but a big step into another world
Vox populi...?
Some thoughts on Twitter, technology and tolerance.

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