Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2012...
Back to Africa
Highfields' Associate Pastor Phil Jenkins reflects on this summer's trip to Namibia, the country where he used to work.
When Peter met Jamie
A friendship which started online and grew in Cardiff will take another step forward this week when the leaders of Highfields fly to the USA.
Sleepless in Scottsdale
The Psalmist found it hard to drop off at times, but never because of jet-lag
Some thoughts on Prayer
We can sometimes ignore some features of even the best-known passages of the Bible.
Change of season
Autumn in Torino...
When Cultures Coincide
It's not just the magnificence of creation that unites Namibia and Arizona.
The Valleys (according to MTV)
The subjects of the new reality show may think they are 'living the dream'. We need to offer them 'life to the full'.
The journey of the double-edged sword
Reflections on a home-group meeting...
The Magnificent Seven
The new academic year is always an exciting time - lots of new faces and new opportunities.
Changing perspectives
The return of the local street party...
Where is God in Manchester and Machynlleth?
Reflections from a terrible week in October
Harvest - The Forgotten Celebration
In the heart of Cardiff, we get our food from the supermarket down the road and rarely see a tractor.
Shopping like humans
Sometimes, looking around you can be an interesting experience...
It's Time to Break The Glass
The most loving thing Christians can do is sound the alarm
Heading East
A Welshman took the gospel to Korea. Now a church in Seoul wants to help us bring the good news back to Wales.
Quiet, isn't it?
When urban life redefines 'quiet'...
Room With a View
They say perspective comes with height. Sitting here on the 17th floor of the Novotel Ambassador in Seoul, I tend to agree.
The Barber of Seoul
I looked in the mirror today and realised I needed a haircut. But how do you go about getting one when you are in a foreign country?
Different Planet, Same Gospel
This is how I arrived in church last Sunday. At 7.30am, a limousine picked me up and swept through the traffic.
Glad To Be Back
I'm not going to lie to you. I was a little bit nervous about returning to normal life at Highfields after my sabbatical break. But Missions Sunday made me feel glad to be back.

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