Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2015...
The sign of the manger
“And this will be a sign to you – you will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”
Dear Santa
'Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!' 2 Cor. 9:16
If you love someone...
When God's values humble us, there's only one response.
Make the most of Halloween
We've been thinking lots in the Gobbett household about how to make the most of Halloween this year, so Dave invited Sally to share some of her ideas in this post:
Scripture and Culture
Some reflections on historical thinking and the Bible
In the Beginning
Foundational, ultimate questions
Assisted Dying
Ayes to the right: 119 - Noes to the left: 330
Leadership matters
What God sees is important in spiritual leadership
Trusting God in Times of Change
Faithful Old Testament Characters - A sermon series for August 2015
Edwards on the Christian Life
Book Review: Here's a book you should read... no excuses.
Riding the seasons
On Italian Summers and musical landscapes
On impending reunions...
Looking for Uzziel
It's surprising what you can unearth in a building project...
Bridging the gap
Two large pieces of music have been holding my attention recently
Luke's gospel of a loving God
Reflections at the end of a sermon series
What the Bible teaches about the Church
Learning to be the Bride of Christ and case studies from individual churches
"A host, of golden daffodils..."
Stumbling on beauty unexpectedly
On Language
Have you ever stopped to think what language teaches us?
Inside-out / outside in?
What difference does being a Christian really make?
How's the diet...?
On diets, reading and technology...

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