Assisted Dying

Ayes to the right: 119 - Noes to the left: 330

Dave Gobbett | 08:25, 14 September 2015

Why we have to oppose the death law

Well, well, well. The Assisted Dying Bill was categorically voted down 330 to 119. What a relief that is, and what a wonderful answer to the prayers of many. I had the debate on in the background for much of that morning, and was surprised to hear so many MPs speak with such respect and compassion for the value of human life.

Having been a little cynical and pessimistic about so much parliamentary discussion in recent years, I want to be among those who say that our public servants have served our country—and especially our most vulnerable folk—well today. And of course above and behind the vote, I join with many of you in praising our great God for moving our leaders' hearts to so defend life.

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