Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2016...
Christmas in Turin
Turin is a city which likes the Winter.
When I don't desire God. How to fight for joy.
it's about when we don't desire God - something that we may find hard to admit and even harder to do something about.
A person's a person, no matter how small
That's the repeated line in the Dr. Seuss book-come-movie 'Horton hears a Who', a favourite film in the Gobbett house.
Lit! A Christian guide to reading books
Only the Bible can give us a correct worldview to read all other books by. We should read EVERYTHING in the light of scripture
Faith Under Pressure
Studies in the Book of Daniel
When life lets us down...
Why bother with church?
Ends with the question, ‘Why on earth would I not bother with church?’, and by the time you’ve read it, it seems a very reasonable question.
If God, then what?
A book you could confidently give to anyone looking for the answers to life’s big questions but who has not yet committed to looking for them in the Christian faith
Mission Matters Blog
World Missions: The latest blog posts from ALL the Highfields Contributors ...
Crossing borders...
Reflections on this week's sermon prep.
Heaven on earth
The sky above is clear azure, and the cottonwool clouds only serve to accentuate its benevolence.
Wonderful, deep theology without the sore head
Letter from America
Until recently Pete Evans was one of the leaders of Highfields Church, Pontprennau.
Happy Easter from Athens!
Today is Easter Monday in Greece and it’s 2nd May! Confused? Wasn’t Easter five weeks ago?
On reading the Bible and conversation.
Foreign to familiar
A guide to understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate cultures
The subject has popped up again in a FaceBook discussion - that of Miracles, and whether or not they happen.
Auction of promises
How much would you pay to have Dave Gobbett mow your lawn every week over the summer months?* (Asks Ashleigh Crowter.)
My Rock My Refuge
A year of daily devotions taken from the Book of Psalms
Up and running
We're racing towards our fundraising goal at the world half marathon championships this weekend.

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