Faith Under Pressure

Studies in the Book of Daniel

Dave Gobbett | 18:52, 24 September 2016

Preparing for GodThis term on Sunday mornings we're looking at the book of Daniel. Lots of it will seem familiar to anyone who grew up with Sunday school, youth club or RE lessons. The Lion's Den, the Fiery Furnace, the floating hand that wrote on the wall are well loved children's story Bible classics, and rightly so.  But the book of Daniel is not just for children. It's a book for all of us. Because its a book about faith under pressure.

the book of Daniel is not just for children

On a packed Highfields Sunday morning, our faith might feel pretty up-beat & resilient. But what is it like on Monday? What's our faith like then? What's it like under pressure?

Because that's where your Christian faith really counts. That's where we show we belong to God. When the media subtly squeezes us, when colleagues look down on us, perhaps even when authorities ask questions of us which we'd rather not answer.

Daniel prepares us for life on Monday. It prepares us to stand out for God.

Ultimately Daniel is going to teach us that wherever you find yourself - in 6th century BC Babylon, in 21st century Cardiff, or anywhere in between - that God is there, that He's in charge & that He's calling you to stand for him. To bear witness to him. To faith under pressure.

Come and join us as we hear God speak to us through a message that is relevant as it is ancient.

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