Auction of promises

How much would you pay to have Dave Gobbett mow your lawn every week over the summer months?* (Asks Ashleigh Crowter.)

Ashleigh Crowter | 18:35, 02 April 2016

For someone as cack-handed in the garden as me, it would be an opportunity I could scarcely turn down. I would happily offer my loose change in the hope of enjoying a manicured lawn, courtesy of the green-fingered Mr Gobbett.

At the time of writing, Dave hasn't actually offered to mow anyone's lawn. In fact I don't even know if he owns a lawn mower. But the Gobbetts will be getting involved one way or another in an 'Auction of Promises' at Engage, next weekend's church day-away. We hope you will too. It's all to raise money for our special 30th anniversary mission project, the H30 Fund.

Here's how it's going to work. People at Highfields will offer their time and skills as lots in an auction. Fellow Highfielders will then bid to win the lot, with all the money going towards our fundraising target of £30,000 to support 30 mission projects. The auction should be great fun, and how brilliant to be supporting gospel projects at the same time!

So, what could you offer? Here are a few ideas, but please come up with your own. You could promise:

  • to bake a box of chocolate brownies for someone every week for a month
  • to mow someone's lawn every week for a month
  • to babysit for an evening
  • to offer professional services e.g a manicure or haircut
  • 4 hours of DIY or odd jobs
  • 4 hours of gardening
  • to clean someone's house or oven
  • to repair or alter items of clothing
  • to cook and deliver a family meal once a month for 6 months
  • to wash and valet someone's car
  • to do someone's ironing for a week
  • a family photo portrait session
  • two sessions of exam tutoring
  • to knit a bespoke scarf or bobble hat

If you want to get involved, please email your promise to by Thursday 7th April and we will include it in the auction. Highfields is such a hub of gifts, talents and kindness. We are sure your Promise will be snapped up, raising important funds for gospel projects in the process.

If you would rather give to the H30 Fund in a more conventional manner, don't forget there are several ways to do that. We would be very grateful for anything you can give.

Thank you for supporting H30 Fund. See you at Engage. I'll bring my gavel.

(*terms and conditions apply.)

[Originally posted on the H30 website]

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