The Unchanging Story

I had my new iPhone 7 in my hands for exactly one hour when the iPhone 8 was released.

Matt Bownds | 12:55, 02 December 2017

Christmas at Highfields 2017One hour! And no sooner had friends got hold of the 8, than the iPhone X came out. It also turns out that (after weeks of calling it 'the X'), the X stands for 10! Probably you knew that. Maybe you're hoping to get one in your stocking. I'm just hoping I find a way to keep up with all the change. We live in days of dizzying change.

And yet ... some things don't change: I think that's obvious at no time of year more than Christmas. We'll have our Christmas trees up as usual this year, the kids (and adults!) will still be ridiculously excited about their presents; most of us will eat too much again, and maybe there'll be the usual family tensions. And on top of it all, the Millennium Falcon is still a sought-after present after all these decades! Some things don't change.

I guess that's the main reason that a lot of people still pop along to church at Christmas time. But what if there was a greater unchanging something, other than Christmas traditions, that brought us together? One great thing that stays the same is the Christmas story. The solidly true and unchanging story about the Unchanging One who came down into a world of change, as one of us. A story that tells us he understands and loves us, and he can help us whatever comes our way in 2018.

It would be lovely to see you this advent to celebrate the Christmas event with us and remember that in times of great change some great things never change.


Rev. Matt Bownds
Minister, Highfields Pontprennau

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I wasn't brought up celebrating Christmas for anything more than family time and presents. I had heard the nativity story and taken part in it at school, and believed there must have been a god of some description but didn't know much about who he was.

When I was 16 I found the real God for myself. Not an unrelatable distant god up in the clouds, but the relational and loving God of the Bible. This God sent His Son Jesus Christ to the earth to live a perfect life, and die a perfect death to free me from all the wrong things I had done, and will ever do.

Christmas is now a time of joy and thankfulness as I spend time remembering my Saviour and the life I now have in Him.