Cartoline Da Torino

Huw and Alison's Blog from Turin
Change of season
Autumn in Torino...
Some thoughts on Prayer
We can sometimes ignore some features of even the best-known passages of the Bible.
Summer reading
Something refreshing for the plane or the pool (and probably cheaper than a cup of tea on most airlines...)
Worlds apart
Life can be far more than just different perspectives.
Tastes of home
On food, culture and home...
Falstaff, Authenticity and Generation A-Z
Some thoughts on Elgar, Shakespeare and contemporary culture...
Changed lives
Just what exactly does it take to change a life?
Call and response
We were excited to hear that both the International Church of Torino and Highfields seemed to coincide with looking at the book of Titus.
The importance of journeys
Thoughts on the importance of not standing still.
The joyful opportunity to love
Seeing the heart of God in the love of His people.
Focusing the eyes
A little reflection on babies and studying the book of Ruth.
On routines, on 4am alarm calls, and other things...
Reflections of a brand new Dad
From whom all blessings flow
Reflections on an extraordinary week in the Williams family
A Welshman in Torino...
So how did a Welshman in Italy celebrate a Grand Slam last Saturday?
In an airport lounge...
I write this in an airport departure lounge, and I am surrounded by life in miniature.
Vox populi...?
Some thoughts on Twitter, technology and tolerance.
Of chickens, Italian and a couple of turkeys...
Learning a new language can be a strange business.
On 'Eugene Onegin'...
So what’s been playing on my CD player recently?
Always Winter?
More snow yesterday and now it seems the big freeze has come.
Concerning Hobbits
If you know me well, you’ll be aware that I’m a bit of a Tolkien nut. I’m not one of those Tolkien nuts who is learning to speak Elvish, but in relative terms, I’m a big fan.

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