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In Halls of Splendour
It's been good to have my Dad and Mum staying with us this week. One of the many blessings of visitors is that you get to go to places that you had in mind to visit someday.
Morning Prayer Meeting
There’s a prayer meeting we have at our apartment on the first Saturday of every month. It would be fair to say that it isn’t the most well-attended of our meetings, but it’s a relatively new venture, so it’s early days.
The Shortest Day...
One of my usual Christmas rituals I shall miss the most this year will be Carols from King’s
What Christmas means to... Valerio
In our Christmas guest service last Sunday, I asked Valerio, one of the young men in our church, if he would share a quick two or three minutes with the congregation on the subject of "What Christmas means to me."
Sunday mornings
Sunday mornings can feel a little hectic. When you meet in a school every Sunday, there's always setting up to be done,
And the earth was without form...
We stare into a mass of grey, as thick and as impenetrable as the clouds which have been casting rain upon the city, in such unrelenting fashion, for the past five days.
People with white faces
There’s a guy who stands on the corner of Piazza Statuto and plays a saxophone.
Far from a monologue...
We wrapped up our sermon series in Philippians this last Sunday with the last verses of the epistle.
On Coffee....
In the move to Torino, there are some things that have taken some adjusting to. The coffee isn’t one of them.
Practising and Preaching
I've had one of those weeks. You know, one of those weeks where all things seem to conspire to tell you how bad you are at everything.
On words....
So I've been thinking a bit about words. Actually I've been thinking a lot about words.
...I wanted to live deliberately...
Almost overnight the temperature started to drop
City Life
“Look at that street! Can you believe we live in this city?” said Alison the other evening as we walked home. And she had a good point.
Pizza, planes and partnership...
I write this having just waved off most of the party of Highfields visitors who have been with us for the weekend.
Gustav Mahler and the Apostle...
One of the things I knew would miss most in our move was, of course, making music.
The Great Outdoors...
The other evening, we returned to our apartment after a busy day, to discover that our street had been transformed into the scene of a party!
I click this button on my computer dozens of times every day. Just to confirm that no earth-shatteringly important emails have come in during the last five minutes.

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