Cartoline Da Torino

Huw and Alison's Blog from Turin
Christmas in Turin
Turin is a city which likes the Winter.
When life lets us down...
Crossing borders...
Reflections on this week's sermon prep.
On reading the Bible and conversation.
We ignore signs at our peril
New "normal"
Reflecting on the Christmas season in Piemonte...
If you love someone...
When God's values humble us, there's only one response.
Scripture and Culture
Some reflections on historical thinking and the Bible
Edwards on the Christian Life
Book Review: Here's a book you should read... no excuses.
Riding the seasons
On Italian Summers and musical landscapes
On impending reunions...
Looking for Uzziel
It's surprising what you can unearth in a building project...
Bridging the gap
Two large pieces of music have been holding my attention recently
Luke's gospel of a loving God
Reflections at the end of a sermon series
"A host, of golden daffodils..."
Stumbling on beauty unexpectedly
On Language
Have you ever stopped to think what language teaches us?
Inside-out / outside in?
What difference does being a Christian really make?
How's the diet...?
On diets, reading and technology...
Santas on Vespas
Just when you think you've seen it all...
Some thoughts from another night at the opera.

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