Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2013...
Habakkuk's journey
Reflecting on recent sermons in Habakkuk.
Taking stock
A weekend well-spent...
Looking on the beauty of God
Have you had one of those "never noticed that before" moments lately?
Change of scene
A change of space for work and ministry...
When you're forced to stop
The eight-year old Mozart is said to have written his first symphony when stuck at home with a cold. Unfortunately all you're getting is this lousy blog post...
There was a time
Something happens between then and now, but I'm not sure what it is exactly, I'm not sure if I like it.
Old windows
Noticing things which should not have gone unnoticed.
Common denominators
When rugby came to Torino...
Anger and Love
Reflections of an (occasionally) inattentive Bible-reader...
Santa - Ho, Ho, Ho or No, No, No?
As Christmas gets ever closer the one question I continually get asked as the family worker is: "Should Santa play a part in a Christian family's Christmas?"
Change by degrees
On language, ministry and God's way of working...
When were you last in prison?
Not a question I get asked every day! But I was asked it last week when I visited Cardiff prison with Gillian Pegler one of our members who works in the prison with Time for Change ministry.
Backwards and forwards
or, Christmas reflections from a nostalgic old bloke.
Nativity, Historicity and Atheistic Simplification
Over the years, I grew to respect Christopher Hitchens, and was very much affected when he died.

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