Building the Church: Blog posts from all the Highfields Contributors in 2013...
The God We Don't Expect
One would have to write off the Gospel narratives as any kind of historical record, to conclude that Jesus’ followers had expected some sort of miracle after the crucifixion.
Hope has its Reasons: The Search to Satisfy Our Deepest Longings
A book that challenges the agnostic and the believer alike to acknowledge the truth of the human heart.
Happy Birthday, Kitty
Kitty celebrated her first birthday on Wednesday.
A conversation with a sinking feeling...
Les Misérables at last
And so, finally, we got to see the film – the 2012 blockbuster with Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe et al.
Change in the air
Rejoicing in the change of season...
On synth-pop and heart-change...
Trying to let go
This is my first and last post as the former Minister of Highfields Church
That Distant Land: Collected Short Stories
A collection of short stories, written by a Christian. The author's gentle, reflective style of writing presents the idea that, in God's eternal present, all the best of these passing ages is preserved, valued and celebrated.
Calm in the storm
Reflecting on preparing a sermon...
A Life's Journey
Written by our very own Adrian Evans!
Growing up into Christ
Last Sunday evening (28th April 2013) will be memorable for everyone who was there for many reasons.
Not just for pastors
Some thoughts on my book of the year so far...
Love and fear... revisited
Some new thoughts on an old theme...
A Great Escape
There is so much to be encouraged about after the 526 Club's weekend away on Gower in April.
Life on the Frontline
I'm sometimes asked: "What’s the highest calling God can place on my life?"
First steps
Starting out on a long road...
A Resilient Life
Behind all the story-telling the author brings out valuable lessons in preparing to finish well in the Christian life
Dysfunction in the workplace
I find myself preparing a talk on the Christian attitude towards work, to be given in a couple of weeks time at Highfields Church as part of our ‘Life on the Frontline’ series.
Worth it?
Reflections on a ministry trip...

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