Book: Destiny

Learning to Live by Preparing to Die

Michael Teutsch | September 2019 - Highfields Book Review

By David Gibson - (2016) IVP

DestinyThis book teaches us to find joy and satisfaction in God's good gifts by putting all of life in the perspective of our deaths.

It takes us through the book of Ecclesiastes in a way that helps us internalise the deep lessons of wisdom and the common sense it contains – most of all, the realisation of the brevity of our lives and the limits on our power and understanding.

We are encouraged to take the one thing in the future that is certain - our death, and work backwards from that point into all the details and decisions and heartaches of our lives, and to think about them from the perspective of the end. It is the destination which makes sense of the journey. 

It is a book about gaining true wisdom, which gives us, in our smallness, the perspective we need to see how great God is.


  1. Let's pretend
  2. Bursting the bubble
  3. Doing time
  4. Living a life less upwardly mobile
  5. Looking up, listening in
  6. Learning to love the limitations of life
  7. From death to depth
  8. Things to know when you don't know
  9. One foot in the grave
  10. Getting the point.

[ISBN13: 9781783592852]

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