Man seen alive days after coroner pronounces death

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Dave Gobbett | 15:50, 06 April 2019

Two disciples on road to Emmaus []JERUSALEM, MIDDLE EAST—Roman law enforcement officers were left wringing their hands last night after the repeated sightings of a Jewish preacher who had controversially faced the death penalty just three days earlier.

All prior rumblings of a 'miscarriage of justice' over Friday's execution have been replaced by a slowly dawning but widespread belief that something miraculous might just have happened in the city. Death seems to have been reversed...

In our 'post-truth' world, the Easter story does sound rather fake news-ish, doesn't it? Do thinking people today really believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead?

Of course scepticism is nothing new. Within a week of that first Easter, while many of Jesus's followers were convinced he'd risen, one of the disciples wasn't so sure. So-called 'doubting Thomas' was out of town when Jesus first showed up to his friends, and didn't believe a word of it. He knew—as you and I know—that dead people don't rise.

However just seven days later, the sceptic was convinced. He'd heard the rumours. But then he followed the evidence, weighed the options, and drew his conclusion: Jesus was indeed alive. And in a world of sadness and loss, knowing him makes all the difference.

At Highfields Church, we don't just believe in Jesus Christ because we want him to be true, or even hope him to be true. We believe because we're convinced he is true: even in a post-truth Britain. But don't take my word for it. We'd love you to weigh the evidence for yourself. Why not join us this Easter? You never know, it might make all the difference for you too.

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