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As a child I was obsessed with sport - I loved nothing more than chasing after a ball.

Anthony | 06:15, 19 March 2018

Easter 2018

Through sport I developed a fascination with the way our bodies work and later had the opportunity to study this at university. I tried to get my head round our bodies' complexity, but began to ask... Why am I here? Where am I heading?

I soon realised that if this life was all there was, then I had already done, thought and said so much I knew to be wrong - so much that was hurtful, selfish and thoughtless; things that I could never undo. But someone told me about myself and they told me about Jesus. They told me that I was a sinner, but that, amazingly, I have the offer of complete forgiveness because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. It changed my life forever.

I now spend my days with people whose bodies don't work so well anymore. As I reflect on the fragility and brevity of life, my hope is, and will always be, in the promise of Easter - because of Jesus, life doesn't end for those who believe in him. I have the certain hope that I'll be going home to be with him forever..

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