The growing shoots of spring

‘When winter fades I know spring will come, the Lord is my salvation.’

Dave Gobbett | 10:35, 18 March 2021

Praise God for the growing shoots of spring we see all around us; and even more for the hope that our risen Lord and saviour Jesus Christ brings to a troubled world. In the words of the above song, I'm convinced that 'his grace will renew these days.'

New Service TimesThis weekend our new Sunday service schedule begins, so a quick missive with some pieces of advice.

Of the two regular services, the 10.30am one is by far the most popular, unsurprisingly. This means that if you plan on coming to that service, we're having to trial a first come, first served approach for booking (we can cope with around 130 people per service).

Given the above, if you are willing and able to come to the 12pm service, then please do. That way we can try to make as much room for everyone as we can. I know a noon-time service is a bit odd, but it's our current best attempt at trying to fit everyone in, without overwhelming musicians, tech and stewards!

Having changed our service times, we now have loads more space for people to come to regular services (70 more spaces in fact) - so if you've been voluntarily keeping back to allow others to come in person, there's less need to do that now. We'd love to see you in-person!

Lastly, thanks for all the encouraging feedback from the last two Sunday night Unlocked events.

For our final Unlocked this weekend, I'm delighted to be interviewing Jeremy Marshall. I asked him earlier in the week to give us a brief intro to who he is, and why we might want to invite our non Christian friends to watch. His is an incredibly powerful story. Do check it out


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