Reviews of Other Books

The following reviews are of books that have not yet been on bookstall
Book: Reason for God
Belief in an Age of Scepticism
Book: Where is God ...
Where is God in a Coronavirus World?
Book: Destiny
Learning to Live by Preparing to Die
Book: Crazy Busy
I'm too busy. We've all heard it; we've all said it.
Book: Is God a Moral Monster?
Making Sense of the Old Testament God
Book: The Dignity Revolution
A book about human dignity: about the image of God and how it should influence the way we think about the world
Book: Dig Even Deeper
Unearthing Old Testament treasure
Do any stories in the Bible trouble you?
Has anyone ever said to you, ‘You can’t believe the Bible because...’? ‬
Getting social media savvy
I've been doing some thinking recently about technology and social media.
Patterns of Evidence: Exodus
A Filmaker's Journey. Mahoney's book and film provide powerful evidence that our faith in the biblical record is not misplaced, and demonstrates that the assumptions of naturalism leave academics with a whole pile of insoluble contradictions.
Edwards on the Christian Life
Book Review: Here's a book you should read... no excuses.
Advent reading
Get away from the seasonal nonsense and into some heartwarming Christmas reading this year...
Pilgrim revisited
"... and some things which shouldn't have been forgotten..."
Not just for pastors
Some thoughts on my book of the year so far...
A Life's Journey
Written by our very own Adrian Evans!
New Year's Reading
Andy Stanley's 'Principle of the Path' is an excellent read as you look ahead to the rest of 2013.
Understanding Jesus: Five ways to spiritual enlightenment
This work is an invaluable tool for ordinary Christians, in helping to reinforce the intellectual underpinnings of biblical faith in Christ. It will also be a challenging read for agnostics who are prepared to interact with the historic data with an enquiring mind.
Summer reading
Something refreshing for the plane or the pool (and probably cheaper than a cup of tea on most airlines...)
The good God, Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit
If you've ever wondered why the doctrine of Trinity is so important, or if you've ever wondered what the relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity is to your life, or if you've ever found yourself wondering simply what God is like, this is a book for you.

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